XXMerosticXX wrote on 3/18/2010, 11:54 AM
Because this is not what this website is for.
It's even statet in the rules: If you want to talk to the support, go to

Why should Magix have TWO support websites at the same time? They have a good working support area. They receive mails. They receive calls. They receive faxes. Do you really want them to have an open community with hundreds of questions a day?

From time to time they do. Some of the developers and project managers are around here and from time to time they answer.

This service is really a nice idea. The support is pretty busy, and questions like "How can I do this or that in my product" can also be answered by users, which makes the response time even faster.

I don't get your point. Magix offers this service so that users can help each others, show their stuff and discuss, they use this community as a feedback-source for their developement - and people still complain....