SP. wrote on 6/3/2024, 8:29 AM

@damewest26 Old versions came with essentialFX Reverb and Stereo Delay, Variverb Reverb, Ecox Delay...

Doesn't look like this is still included in X8? Have you checked under the Effect menu for delay and reverb? For me it's listed there, but I'm not sure if this was transferred from my older version of Samplitude X4.

damewest26 wrote on 6/3/2024, 8:34 AM

I looked through all the plug ins didn’t find the ones I’m use to working wit tried using the delay n echo in the wizard folder didn’t like how it sounded but yea I think they took the internal set away

SP. wrote on 6/3/2024, 8:59 AM

@damewest26 Do you still have your old version of Samplitude? You can simply install it as well.

damewest26 wrote on 6/3/2024, 9:04 AM

Yea Think I’m Gone Run It Over Der 2Add Tha Effexs