Anyone successfully using Sine Player from Orchestral Tools in ACID Pr

Andy-Kydd wrote on 6/29/2020, 7:48 PM

Hi Magix Community,

First time post here, so hopefully I'm not breaking any guidelines at all...

In ACID Pro 8 I was limited to 64bit VSTs, and (wrongly) assumed Sine Player from Orchestral Tools wasn't loading perhaps because it might be a 32bit DLL. This page confirms it's a 64bit DLL, and so I was back to square one regarding why the player works standalone, but won't load up as a VST in ACID on my Windows 10 PC.

Tonight, I upgraded to ACID Pro 10, so that I can run 32bit VSTs regardless. The VST still won't load in ACID, but works fine standalone. Are there VST version types that ACID doesn't support?

Is anyone successfully using the Sine Player in ACID, or is willing to try (I'm trying to use the free "Layers" instrument)? Or is it just me (other DLLs in the same path like the Kontakt player load fine...)? Any advice what to try to debug this problem?

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RaphRez wrote on 6/30/2020, 6:59 AM

Since the launch of the sine player, I've tried anything that possible to use SINE PLAYER with ACID PRO (I wanted to use the Layers vst too), but no success at all, and at Orchestral Tools there's no one with experience with Acid, I already asked the question there... I can't figure why this particular VST fail to load.