AP10 Plug-in Manager bug

Rednroll wrote on 6/8/2021, 9:54 AM

This one made me think I lost my plugins....

There's a bug in the Plug-in manager if you create a sub folder under one of the "Vendors" folders, where the folder you created disappears along with any of the plugins you put in it.

Repro Steps

1. Goto "Waves Inc." folder located under the "Vendors" category of the plug-in Manager

2. Create a Sub folder Named "VST3" within the "Waves Inc" folder

3. Move all your Waves VST3 plugins into that newly created VST3 sub-folder.

4. Restart AP10

Observe, VST3 sub folder has disappeared as well as all the plugins that were put inside of that folder.

How to get them back.

Again Create a Sub folder Named "VST3" within the "Waves Inc" folder. Walla, the folder is back along with all your plug waves VST3 plugins you thought you lost.

Work around

Don't create sub folders within a Vendor name folder. Instead create a folder named "Waves Inc VST3" folder under the "Vendors" top folder and put all your Waves VST3 plugins in that one since it won't disappear.


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