AP8 v8.0.3 (build223) update info

william-buck wrote on 5/25/2018, 7:55 AM

I want to say thanks for getting the first AP8 patch out to the masses. It would be great if we could get a little more info and details concerning what has changed. The AP8 v8.0.3 (build 223) update info from Magix is rather generic and not very informative. What exactly has been changed, fixed or improved?


Changes in version compared to

OPTIMIZED! Improved user interface

OPTIMIZED! Instruments activated for 365 version 

OPTIMIZED! Crashes resolved

OPTIMIZED! Various modifications and enhancements

I have been using REAPER x64 for the past decade and the developers are very close to the user base and even offer public beta's of new features with user input. I guess I am kinda spoiled by this, but it really does get the user base more invested in the success of the product. I am not expecting Magix to be so forthcoming, but AP8 v8.0.3 (build 223) change notes are rather useless as it does not offer any insight into what exactly has changed. I've included the latest REAPER change log for May 2018. It is quite detailed and comprehensive, but it does keep the user base engaged and informed. We know exactly what has changed. Please take this into consideration for future AP8 updates. The more information the better!



v5.90 - May 24 2018
  + API: TrackFX_AddByName/TrackFX_GetByName/etc can take VST2:/VST3:/VST:/AU:/JS:/DX: prefixes
  + API: add ReorderSelectedTracks()
  + API: SetEnvelopePointEx() will propagate envelope item changes when not modifying point time and nosort=false
  + API: SetTrackSelected() notifies various windows of state change
  + API: Undo_EndBlock() with empty string uses first item in block if available
  + Actions: fix selection behavior for various "Item edit: item under mouse cursor" actions
  + Audio Units: improve compatibility by resetting/re-initializing plugins only from main thread
  + Automation items: allow pasting of points into existing items [t=205161]
  + Automation items: avoid setting point shape to square when FX is offlined [t=206454]
  + Automation items: improve behavior when copy/pasting overlapping media items [t=206767]
  + Automation items: create a new automation item when pasting points in AI-only mode
  + Dynamic split: fix corner case where audio is muted when the gate should open [p=kenny]
  + Envelopes: clear old point selection when duplicating points via mouse modifier [p=1987813]
  + Glue: do not round glued MIDI to audio samples [p=1991071]
  + Live FX multiprocessing: improve performance with folder tracks that have PDC [t=169675]
  + Live FX multiprocessing: process receives similar to folders
  + Live FX multiprocessing: remove old logic for reducing worker threads when not using anticipative FX processing
  + MIDI editor: 14-bit CC editing fixes [t=201025]
  + MIDI editor: allow screensets to save/load editability of individual media items
  + MIDI editor: allow scroll-left actions to scroll past item start but not project start
  + MIDI editor: avoid double-drawing many updates
  + MIDI editor: change default editor selection link options, may change options in existing installations
  + MIDI editor: do not include end-of-item all-notes-off in list of channels that contain data [t=185555]
  + MIDI editor: faster updating when using hand scrolling
  + MIDI editor: fix 14-bit CC editing in event properties [p=1991134]
  + MIDI editor: fix drawing issues at extreme zoom/time combinations
  + MIDI editor: fix various issues with show only used/named notes
  + MIDI editor: fix maximize state incorrectly being reset
  + MIDI editor: fix next/previous note navigation/selection issues [t=206404]
  + MIDI editor: fix pasting to secondary editable items that are looped
  + MIDI editor: fix pasting to secondary items that start before active item
  + MIDI editor: fix restore of macOS menu after renaming note [p=1984944]
  + MIDI editor: fix secondary editor zoom inconsistency with different PPQN settings [p=1985602]
  + MIDI editor: fix zoom-selection with secondary items at earlier time [p=1983153]
  + MIDI editor: improve behavior with multiple pooled items as secondary editable items
  + MIDI editor: improve copy/paste behavior with multiple contexts editable on multiple tracks
  + MIDI editor: improve start position accuracy when quickly painting new notes [p=1991890]
  + MIDI editor: improve undo messages on various lane edits
  + MIDI editor: improve behavior when opening multiple items at once
  + MIDI editor: improve behavior with hidden parent tracks
  + MIDI editor: when loading note names from recent list, merge with current note names when holding shift key (feature lost in v5.0) [t=178560]
  + MIDI editor: properly enable menu option for cut/copy with CCs/Text/SysEx selected [p=1986463]
  + MIDI editor: fix adjacent note deleted on paste bug [t=200489]
  + MIDI editor: prevent event sorting from sometimes destroying notes [t=205082]
  + MIDI editor: fix potential deadlock issues with crop/delete active take and MIDI editor open
  + MIDI recording: auto-add of time-selection length MIDI items obeys new MIDI item looping preference [t=206748]
  + Meters: fix incorrect clip indicators with +0dB maximum range [t=196950]
  + MusicXML: set doctype correctly on timewise export (which is not supported by many programs) [t=206120]
  + Paste: fix paste with more than 32 empty tracks between items (existed since 2005) [t=206222]
  + Performance: make automatic worker scheduling mode slightly more aggressive
  + Performance: reduce underruns when repositioning the edit cursor soon after stop
  + Preroll: improve position calculation logic
  + ReaEQ: fix arrange view updating when removing bands that have automated parameters
  + ReaEQ: fix automated band behavior for first block after stop [t=206702]
  + ReaEQ: fix undo when removing bands that have envelopes [t=206363]
  + ReaEQ: support NamedConfigParm BANDTYPEx and BANDENABLEDx
  + ReaSurround: add edit modes to move selected inputs directly towards or away from a specific speaker
  + ReaSurround: add per-input channel controls to reverse (mirror) edits [p=1968511]
  + ReaSurround: add relative speaker influence mode
  + ReaSurround: change default 9.1 channel order to match SMPTE (existing projects are not affected)
  + ReaSurround: hold down control key to override reverse/mirror edits when moving inputs with the mouse
  + ReaSurround: hold shift key for faster edit, control key for slower edit
  + ReaSurround: in relative mode, prevent bleed into speakers at opposite edges of the space
  + ReaSurround: initialize arrangements with speakers closer to the edge of the space
  + ReaSurround: restrict edits to the visible space
  + Render: fix render preset dither when loading all settings [t=207024]
  + Ruler: allow mapping double-click to no action [t=206937]
  + Snap: improve snap/grid consistency with snap/grid settings linked [t=206160]
  + Spectral editing: fix storage/application of very low compression thresholds
  + Take envelopes: fix snap behaviors when inserting new point via shift+click [p=1990858]
  + Take envelopes: transform MIDI take envelopes when modifying time map [t=206703]
  + Undo: coalesce send volume/pan automation additions via action [t=206064]
  + Undo: defer undo point for single-click media item selection
  + Undo: flush any latent undo states before project save
  + Undo: improve cursor position undo point behavior
  + Undo: notify MIDI editor/Project Bay from various item selection change actions when item selection undo is disabled [p=1987752]
  + VST: add compatibility setting to flush VST3 buffers with hard vs soft reset [p=1946500]
  + VST: fix state saving for bypassed/take FabFilter VST3 [t=182827]
  + VST: when forcing VST3 bus channel count, immediately reinitialize plug-in I/O
  + VST: improve compatibility by resetting/re-initializing plugins only from main thread
  + VST: prevent hanging notes when resetting plugins on loop [p=1932726]
  + Video: re-open peaks when re-enabling audio for video item [t=206646]
  + Virtual MIDI keyboard: pass through most shift-modified keys to main window [t=194984]


MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 5/25/2018, 8:20 AM

Hi William,

Thank you for the feedback. Right now, our priority was bringing the patch to the user base. I understand that you want a deeper insight and agree with you.

Nevertheless, this is what we got at the moment and I will use your feedback to reiterate the importance of more detailed patch notes. In conclusion: We will try to be better!

sheppo wrote on 5/25/2018, 2:21 PM

Thanks Redaktion for answering this concern, and @william-buck for raising it. I'm absolutely behind everything William raised, and look forward to seeing what the team can deliver in future. More importantly, getting that first post-release patch out the door must be such a relief for the developers, as much so for us, the users.

Please do let us know if there is anything we can do as a community to more effectively report and communicate issues, bugs, etc.

jim-martin wrote on 5/26/2018, 12:19 PM

How soon till Acid Pro8 and Vegas get Vst3 Support?

GroovinDJ wrote on 5/29/2018, 12:26 PM

When are you going to fix the Media Manager?

GroovinDJ wrote on 6/5/2018, 1:26 PM

Hello? Is anyone at Magix reading this?

ingo-p wrote on 6/5/2018, 11:03 PM

Hi. Ive learned that the Mediamanager only works in the 32 Bit Version, but they gonna transport it to the 64 Version sometimes. So if you use it, download the 32 bit Version of Acid 8. It works...but..than i also can use my acid 7. Pointless... ;-)

emmrecs wrote on 6/6/2018, 4:25 AM

@GroovinDJ and @ingo-p

Although not an Acid user I suspect the information in this thread, which also references the Vegas Pro forum, actually gives you the answer.


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jocker-boy wrote on 6/6/2018, 10:22 AM

This build further worsened the work with the program than the original version 8.0.1


marcel-pyron wrote on 6/6/2018, 10:49 AM

My new wave plug ins won't show x64 version of Acid Pro 8 but it shows in x32, they are work on both, there new plug ins, waves morphoder, impusher and some others. My other waves still show up. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing, I tried uninstalling the plug ins and reinstalling and nothing as well. Can anyone help?

ZePopy wrote on 11/19/2018, 3:55 AM

Same problem here :-(
(impusher doesn't load)
Marcel, have you found a solution since then ?
Greetings :-)