Asio driver system - Samplitude pro X

JeanMarie-onni wrote on 7/12/2020, 4:15 AM

Hi there,

In samplitude pro X 32 bits on W7 64/32

I'm Using RME hdsp 9632 soundcard.

This message appeared suddently (see capture joined).

Then. I can't record and monitor any of my VSTI's on my midi track !

I searched on the help and anywhere in the program.

But couldn't go back to the function I have desactivated by error.

I have to mention it has already happened and I've never found the solution to activate these (capture).

I am a magix long time customer & have Samplitude pro X, pro X 3 and pro X 5 suite recently.

What happened ?

What I've sudently done and can repear, go back

Many thanxxxxx for your help.


Jean marie ONNI



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