Audio Cleaning Lab 12 Playback While Recording

jnpurdy wrote on 2/8/2009, 12:34 PM
Version:  Lab 12 Ver 8.01
OS:  Vista Business

Project:  Vinyl LPs to ditital with a turntable that has a USB cable 
Computer:  Laptop with the Soundblaster Audigy 2 PCMCIA card.

I am trying to find the button to click on during recording so that I can monitor it or listen to it while it is recording.

I can see the recording take place and I can play and hear it after it is recorded, but I can't find the "playback while recording" button.

I am using the simple approach:  The 1-2-3.  I am not an audiophile, so I'm just after a clean recording.

Any help would be appreciated.


NoTurning wrote on 2/8/2009, 3:44 PM
Though I'm not sure how ACL does it - I will offer how other Magix products do; with the hope that it will help you.

Other Magix products allow you to click a "Playback While Recording" check box right in the recording widow that appears after hitting record.

Another method is a greyed out REC button in the left (icon area) of an audio track. By clicking this once it allows you to monitor that track while recording.

I hope that helps... maybe some ACL people will chime in!
ralftaro wrote on 2/13/2009, 10:56 AM
Hi there,

Unfortunately, Cleaning Lab 12 doesn't support monitoring for this kind of USB device yet. Cleaning Lab is basically designed for a full-duplex sound hardware and analog recording. It's always using the very same driver for monitoring that it uses for recording. So, if that recording driver is is just an unidirectional USB audio grabber or record player, there will be no monitoring.

If the lack of a monitoring signal causes too much trouble, you might want to check whether your record player also has an analog output that you could utilize and just connect to your sound card or you could use the software that comes with your record player for recording and import the resulting WAV files into Cleaning Lab for cleaning/mastering/editing and burning.

I hope this helps. Seems like the new Cleaning Lab 15 would be able to handle this use case.