Audio Cleaning Lab 12: text/font size in menu anf other windows

gr207 wrote on 11/16/2011, 5:21 PM

I have used several versions of ACL software, and am well used to the basic facilities. But I have always found the text size in the menu and other window labelling rather too small for comfort.

Following recent deterioration in eyesight (for which I'm having treatment) the problem is much worse. So, is there any way of re-sizing the menu default font? I have done this in Win Vista, and browsers have good zoom facilities, but AC lab is unaffected, and there is nothing in the Manual (a search on 'font' scores 0 hits).

More generally, I do think that the default font in many of the displays could be improved - it is a defect of the software generally. As the average age of software users increases, software authors should be taking note!

Thanks for any feedback or suggestions.


johnebaker wrote on 11/19/2011, 4:49 PM


This problem gets worse as computer screens get bigger with higher resolutions - the icons and text get progressively smaller .  

In Windows Vista under Accessibilty you can change many settings to help you also you can change your screen resolution.

See your Windows Help for more details.


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Paul-Barnett wrote on 3/17/2023, 5:57 PM

I am using Windows 11 and recently upgraded to a 2560 x 1440 monitor. The text displayed within Sound Forge is too tiny to be seen by me. The choice of white text on blue screen in the Audio objects panel seems and especially poor choice, as it is difficult to read. I do not have any reading disability.

Using Windows Setting > Text Size > 167% has no effect on Sound Forge.

Using Windows Setting > Display > Scale > 200% does cause the font (and everything else) to increase in size. The icons within the audio objects panel are still exceptionally tiny. Note that the first time the user adjusts the scale, Windows gives a warning when adjusting the scale stating that if the user adjusts the scale, they should be prepared for unintended consequences and be aware that normal function may not be restored.

emmrecs wrote on 3/17/2023, 6:16 PM


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Unfortunately your first post has been made to a very old thread, which is asking about a different product to the one you have! Please do not resurrect such old posts but rather create a new thread with your question in the Sound Forge product area (the OP was asking about Audio Cleaning Lab).

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