Audio files won't play just looping for a second w no sound

Carl-Leach wrote on 10/24/2021, 7:13 PM

Opening any audio file will result in a one second loop of the file with no sound produced at all. I can use Sound Forge 10 or Media Player or other apps and they play fine. I tried uninstall/reinstall of SF11 Pro. No help. I want to use the latest software I have, which is SF11 Pro, especially bc I can use Spectral Layers Pro and other great audio editing programs directly from SF11.
I recently upgraded a couple of computers including my studio DAW comp from Win7 to Win10. All other programs are working fine, so I'm mystified.
P. S. As I sent this I discovered in Preferences/Audio that the SF11 defaulted to use Magix WDM 2016 drivers. I changed it to use ASIO FW-1884 and poof all was well! I'm leaving it up in case others have this error pop up after an OS upgrade.

DAW-Win10 (upgraded from 7), Biostar TZ77B, CPU Intel i5 3550 (oldie but goodie for audio) Intel SSD for system, 2 Sata3 7200 drives for data and samples & 2 ext USB3 drives for same, Texas Instruments FW card, Interface: Tascam FW-1884 (another oldie/ goodie) Software: Cakewalk (Bandlab), Samplitide Pro X3 Suite, Harrison Mixbus, Sound Forge Pro 11 (and Pro 10), plus all the bundled Daw software that came previously with Sonar X1, X2, X3 and Platinum (IE Melodyne 4) which works with Bandlab, Addictive Drums 1 & 2


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