Audio playing over midi track

Liam-Sealey wrote on 6/23/2019, 1:14 PM

Hard to explain the issue but I will try. (it is driving me crazy and i nearly punched my monitor today due to it)

I DO NOT use my own instruments I purely use music maker instruments and I edit them in the MIDI editor.

I love the software and generally works really well.

However, VERY VERY often I will get a random section of audio play over the top of either playback or during the midi editor page from later on in the music, or even the next track.

Ill try and simplify further: I edit midi rec 1 and play back in that page whilst editing the music and suddenly music from midi rec 2 plays over the top, it might even play 1 or 2 notes from it only. Some times the whole next midi rec plays. IT'S REALLY ANNOYING and today made it impossible to edit my music.

Please help me resolve the issue. I have made 20 different pieces of music and i love it, but i cant stop this bug which is ruining the relaxing i do whilst making music.


ralftaro wrote on 6/24/2019, 6:00 AM

Hi Liam,

Sorry to hear about your MIDI troubles. I think what you're experiencing can pretty much be filed under "known issues" - but probably not for much longer. It will only be one more week until this year's big Music Maker release comes out. As a user of the current generation of Music Maker, you will receive an update to implement this new version's changes and bug fixes free of charge. A lot of work has gone into issues that are currently plaguing users with MIDI/VST workflows. This new release and the subsequent updates will bring you a much better user experience.