Audio Spectrum in a video

Francis-Ch wrote on 1/17/2019, 1:30 AM

Hello Support

I am starting to love Movie Edit pro :)

I was just wondering if Movie Edit pro (premium version) allows me to to make/place and Audio Spectrum in a video for Instagram/facebook. This effect is most trending right now on Instagram, facebook, youtube. A great way to promote my  music production in a professional way. As you know Audio is your new secret social media weapon.

I want to use one JPEG photo + one mp3 to render a video with the audio spectrum

Please, see the pic below

Thank you for your help



terrypin wrote on 1/17/2019, 6:03 AM

Hi Francis,

Converting the audio file to a video of its waveform is the challenging part, not possible in MEPP itself I believe. I played around for a while with a complex method using ffmpeg.

I did eventually succeed but can't recommend it, so looked around briefly for simpler solutions like this online tool:

But, once you have the video, you would use Effects > Video effects > Chroma key to make its background transparent and then View/Animation > Size/Position to place it.


EDIT: An easier way to do it:

1. Open your MP3 in Windows Media Player
2. If WMP opens in the Library, use the Switch to Now Playing icon
3. R-click and choose Visualisations > Bars and Waves
4. Play. The waveform will be displayed dynamically.
5. Capture the video as an MP4 using a tool of your choice (MEP itself, Camtasia, XBox, Snagit, etc)
6. Import that to MEPP
7. Use MEPP's editing tools if necessary to change/improve the waveform's appearance. In my test, for example, I used Effects > Video effects > Art filter > Dilate to make it bolder.

Then proceed as described earlier.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK


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Francis-Ch wrote on 1/17/2019, 2:30 PM

Hi Terrypin

I appreciate you quick response ont this particular task

i will definetely explore this option and will soon let you know the outcome

i know that after effects is doing the Job but i want to give a try with MEP

Have a great week end


Francis-Ch wrote on 1/23/2019, 4:52 AM

Hi Terrypin,

I have tried that site you suggested but i am encountering some issue.

The photos i am uploading in the requested format and dimensions don't allow me to go any further.

i have no explanation for this



terrypin wrote on 1/23/2019, 6:50 AM

Hi Francis,

Nor me, not without much more information! It worked fine for me. I suggest you contact

What about the WMP method I recommended?

Terry, UK

Francis-Ch wrote on 1/23/2019, 7:37 AM

Hi Terry

i have started to explore the second option- succeeded on the first half: opeining the mp3

in WMP Visualisations > Bars and Waves

however, i haven't tested the second half - looks a bit complicated to me as i am not expereinced in video editing

will try anyway, thanks


Francis-Ch wrote on 1/28/2019, 5:34 AM

Hi Terry,

You are blessed man, i was too lazy to go with new softwares

so I took time to explore some new paths and found an extraordinary tool on google

it is called audiogram Wizard and It's Free, yes Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it does exactly what i needed for instagram and facebook

check it out

thank you so much