Audio Studio 17 installation error in Windows 11

Robert-Russ wrote on 6/7/2024, 7:52 PM


Image replaced by Moderator

This error has reappeared (like that in 2021) since upgrading to a new Dell Inspiron 5630 laptop (Intel Core i7, 16GB Ram) running Windows 11 23H2 64 bit OS. Above image grabbed *after* disabling my VPN, all firewalls & OEM + Acronis virus/threat protection services. MAGIX Music Maker v. 32 installed okay. Sound Forge apps ALL throw this blasted error when reinstalling their downloaded *.exe files from MAGIX Tech Support DL site. > In 2021 a different download link was provided, solving the problem... < How about Now ???


johnebaker wrote on 6/8/2024, 1:25 AM



Never post either in text or images showing your serial number and email address - you may get your product hijacked, I have replaced your image with the serial number and email address removed.

. . . . OEM + . . . .

Do you mean Microsoft (Windows) Defender ?

. . . . downloaded *.exe files from MAGIX Tech Support DL site . . . .

Did you use the download the files available from your account at under My Products?

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SP. wrote on 6/8/2024, 3:11 AM

@Robert-Russ Your firewall/antivirus might still block the connection, even if you think that you disabled it.

Another user reported some days ago, that they had to uninstall their antivirus to activate the software because antivirus was still active, even if it looked disabled. Not sure if this was really necessary, but I think it often happens that the virus protection is not correctly configured or disabled by the user.

Robert-Russ wrote on 6/8/2024, 7:01 AM

Greetings Mr. Baker

Sorry for my mistake. I'm not familiar with MAGIX's forum-based support. I'm used to dealing directly with tech support; e.g., ZenDesk.

Yes. By OEM I meant Microsoft Defender firewalls & virus/threat protection. All turned off. Also, Acronis Cyber Protect protection was disabled. Express VPN was uninstalled. System protection processes were ended & protection services stopped before attempting the registration. This was before the screen grab registration which, BTW, autofilled the email & S/N with green checks.

I'm using the installation executable obtained upon purchase, and another just downloaded from My Products. Note this error affects all Sound Forge branded apps. I tried reinstalling Audio Studio v. 12 & Audio Cleaning Lab (Moved existing installations to air gapped external drive. Tedious but effective.). Same error resulted as this one for AS 17.


Hi SP.

See above for security status. You were helpful waaayyyy back in 2021. Directed me to another DL link that resolved that issue.

Thanks to both!