Auto monitor selected track

AlekxV wrote on 6/10/2024, 4:03 PM

Hello. Samplitude Pro X7 here.

I have been trying to find out how to automatically enable monitoring of a track as soon as I select it, but I couldn't find how. I have read the most logical sections in the manual where such feature could be explained but I haven't had any luck.

The expected behavior is that as soon i select a track, the monitor button toggles on and a previously monitored track goes off.
Is there a way to do that?
Thanks in advance


SP. wrote on 6/10/2024, 6:30 PM

@AlekxV To my knowledge that's not possible. You might do a feature request for this at

AlekxV wrote on 6/11/2024, 4:30 PM

Sad to know. @SP. But somehow I remember I managed to get that working. Maybe it was in Samplitude Pro X3. Not sure.

SP. wrote on 6/11/2024, 4:41 PM

@AlekxV Good question. I tried it in Pro X8 and couldn't get it to work. I only know that double clicking the Solo botton will switch to the current track and disable all other Solo tracks. But I don't get this to work with monitoring.

AlekxV wrote on 6/11/2024, 5:42 PM

I think I made it @SP. Your answer gave me an idea. By doble clicking the monitor botton, I'm able to switch on monitoring on that track and disable the others. At least in Pro X7.
Thanks for your effort in investigating further

AlekxV wrote on 6/11/2024, 5:51 PM

By the way. The same works from the mixing console