Auto renaming a track. Is this possible?

Matt-Francis wrote on 8/13/2019, 8:01 AM

Often I replace a track with something else,a different vocal or kick for example but it keeps the original track name in the box on the left of the screen. I can rename each track manually but does anyone know if there is an option to automatically rename the track once it is replaced? If not, I hope Magix staff read this and can add this feature.


sheppo wrote on 8/19/2019, 2:41 PM

the clip will be renamed when replaced, but not the track it is on - simply because a track can contain many clips each with a different name. Renaming the track upon replace wouldn't be a good idea

Matt-Francis wrote on 8/21/2019, 1:04 AM

Thanks. Yes, that makes sense. I never put different clips in the same track so I did not think of that. Still think it would be a good option to have as a toggle on/off feature though as it depends on the creator*s working style preference.