Batch loudness normalization of MP3 files

attila-k wrote on 11/10/2019, 8:02 AM


I am a newbie, who would highly appreciate your advice.

I have recently converted my 600 CDs any 200 vinyl LPs into FLAC files, arranged in an artist/album/song directory structure. The FLAC files are extended with the usual audio tags (track, number of discs, year, genre, cover picture, etc.). The issue of loudness normalization is solved by applying ReplayGain.

However, the audio player in my car can play only MP3 files without ReplayGain. Accordingly, I have converted the FLAC files into MP3 format and now the question is which loudness normalizer application to choose.

I have two questions:

·     is it possible to import the above described directory structure into Audio Cleaning Lab for batch normalization of all MP3 files to, say, -3dB and save the resulting ‘new’ files into a specific directory without losing the original directory structure; and

·     will Audio Cleaning Lab leave all the above-mentioned audio tags in the files untouched?

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback.


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