Beatbox & Launchpad Mini MK3 - problems with firmware update 2.x

ralftaro wrote on 7/28/2022, 7:49 AM

Just FYI:

The Novation Launchpad Mini MK3 allows for the operation of the drum computer "Beatbox" in Music Maker, and is e.g. bundled by MAGIX in the context of the "Beatbox Edition" of Music Maker. After updating the Launchpad to firmware generation 2.x, which is currently provided by Novation, there are unfortunately certain malfunctions of the device in conjunction with Beatbox. These affect the gain mode of Beatbox, i.e. the volume control of the individual drum tracks within Beatbox. After the update, it is e.g. no longer possible to control the gain faders via the Launchpad, and the colors of the gain faders on the Launchpad are displayed incorrectly.

We therefore recommend to stick with firmware 1.x for the time being if you intend to use the Launchpad in conjunction with Music Maker and its Beatbox plug-in. At the same time, we are looking into the possibility of a solution on the end of Music Maker to establish compatibility with firmware 2.x.



emmrecs wrote on 7/28/2022, 8:09 AM


Hi Ralf,

Given the potential for this problem to seriously affect a number of Music Maker users, I have pinned this post to the Important Posts area of the audio products forum. I hope you don't mind?


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ralftaro wrote on 7/29/2022, 6:09 AM

Hi Jeff,

Thanks. Sure, fine with me. We initially decided against making it a sticky thread, since it will probably only actually ever affect a very small minority of users who use this hardware and meet all of the relevant criteria. We mostly wanted to make sure to put this info out, so someone actively looking for it could find it. However, feel free to keep it as sticky for the time being. My optimistic guess would be that few users will ever run into this issue. 🙂



emmrecs wrote on 7/29/2022, 6:43 AM


Hi Ralf,


Once the problem is resolved (I assume you will make an announcement in the forums once there is a solution?) I will be happy to "unpin" this thread.


Win 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel i7 Quad Core 6700K @ 4GHz, 32 GB RAM, NVidia GTX 1660TI and Intel HD530 Graphics, MOTU 8-Pre f/w audio interface, VPX, MEP, Music Maker, PhotoStory Deluxe, Photo Manager Deluxe, Xara 3D Maker 7, Reaper, Adobe Audition 3, CS6 and CC, 2 x Canon HG10 cameras, 1 x Canon EOS 600D

KEVIN-SHARPING wrote on 11/10/2022, 11:13 AM

Kevin Sharping here, I can't seem to make my launchkey mk3 pads work with live pads on my computer. The software works and if I use the previous version the pads work. Is it possible that I need to uninstall the old version? Or is my launchkey defective? The keyboard works and sometimes I can get the pads to play keyboard sounds. Perhaps there is a launch pad device that would be better?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

SP. wrote on 11/10/2022, 11:18 AM

@KEVIN-SHARPING Usually you can play the Music Maker Live pads with the notes 36 (C3) up to 59 (B4) with any MIDI controller. This assumes that C0 is note 0. Configure your Launchkey controller accordingly.

KEVIN-SHARPING wrote on 11/10/2022, 12:12 PM

Thank you for getting back to me. I may be a bit uneducated but I don't know what the codes, numbers etc. Refer to, or how set them. Is there a way to tell me what to do or how to find the settings?

Thank you

Justin-Pharr wrote on 11/10/2022, 2:32 PM

I am also now unable to use my Launchkey Mini mk3 device, with the Magix Live pads. Magix will only see the device as a keyboard/piano, and does not seem to respond at all to the 16 drum pads on the device. Ive configured the pads to every possible range of notes, and it still does not make any difference. the software does not seem to be registering the pad inputs at all, no matter what notes I configure on the device, or what preferences I set in Magix.

Justin-Pharr wrote on 11/10/2022, 4:40 PM

also, I grabbed an earlier version or something, and the pads still work in the older version (the older version just works terribly and is unusable now)

so something changed in version 31 that has broken the use of the pads on the Launchkey

SP. wrote on 11/10/2022, 4:55 PM


Here is the manual

It looks like you need to click on Software Links Components Web to open the configuration tool

Justin-Pharr wrote on 11/10/2022, 6:00 PM

Ive already reprogrammed the device numerous times (from C0 and on up through the whole range), and even verified with Novation support. Magix is NOT taking information form the drumpads on the device any more. it does not appear to be detecting the device the same way as it did previously.

normally when I start Magix with the device connected, the device flickers and changes, and I have 3 options in the devices Shift control panel. this doesnt happen anymore. Magix only seems to take input from the device if I put a piano or keyboard instrument on a channel. The Live piece has stopped functioning with device at all.I no longer get the 3 options, the device acts like it would if not connected to audio software.

SP. wrote on 11/10/2022, 8:24 PM

@Justin-Pharr You are using firmware 1.x like it is written above?

Justin-Pharr wrote on 11/10/2022, 8:30 PM

I am using the latest firmware, which is version 1.1.1

Graham-Hawker wrote on 11/11/2022, 1:17 PM

@Justin-Pharr You are using firmware 1.x like it is written above?

However this is different hardware - Launchkey as opposed to Lauchpad.

Perhaps the Lauchkey firmware is also no longer working with Music Maker.

Justin-Pharr wrote on 11/11/2022, 1:54 PM

it worked perfectly in the last stable version 30.x.x of Magix, with this firmware. your recent update has broken it completely. and it sounds like it has also broken other pad support on the other novation products.

its difficult to continue trying to use Magix when my hardware stops working every other update you guys put out. and considering you are partnered with Novation to sell a device (that doesnt work) with your Beats add-on, its not endearing any good feelings from me as a user. I was considering buying the Novation product to work with Beats, but since it AND my current device no longer with Magix, Ive got little reason to consider buying more hardware.

Justin-Pharr wrote on 11/11/2022, 1:56 PM

if I at least had a way to rollback Magix to a stable version of 30.x.x, id have usable hardware. but the versions im able to grab online are unstable and crash, or run insanely slow (though the hardware works...)

Aldo-Corcillo wrote on 11/29/2022, 2:22 AM

Ciao, nuovo di music maker, ultima versione scaricata ieri sera, anche a me , con Akai mpk mini non funziona con i live pads, mentre per gli altri strumenti la Akai funziona bene, avevo fatto un test con mm2017 e la tastiera sui love pad funzionava, ma con l ultima versione di mm non va? Consigli

BrianV wrote on 12/7/2022, 1:42 AM

I'm sorry to be joining this club, but I've just bought a Launchkey MK3 for use with MM2023. I bought it because I saw that Magix had sold it with MM before, so I assumed it would work. Unfortunately I hadn't seen threads like this beforehand.

I like the keyboard and it's working perfectly with Ableton, of course, but I actually prefer the look and feel of MM. However, if Magix can't sort this out I may have to take another look at Ableton.

Is there any news on whether or not Magix are going to fix this and, if they are, when? I bought the Launchkey primarily for the pads. It would be good to use them with MM.

Justin-Pharr wrote on 12/7/2022, 4:10 PM

I have also now tried an Akai MPD218 device, and the issue is definitely the Magix software.

from what I can tell, Magix is receiving the midi inputs (you see the midi icon blink when pressing buttons). But it is simply not linking the input to the Live pads.

the Live pads ONLY respond to the physical PC keyboard inputs of 1-8 and Q-I.

The Live pads are not being triggered by the notes being sent (C0 and on up through the whole range).


so essentially, this part of the Magix software is non functional in regards to midi devices. completely destroying the point of having Pads to control the device.

please correct whatever piece of software update broke this. its literally the only thing I use Magix for, and all of my soundpools are worthless now.