Best of Soundpool collection

greenwellies wrote on 7/18/2010, 7:24 AM
Is there a problem with this collection?

Using Windows 7, just bought this disc and same as I have read elsewhere on this Q & A's have only managed to load 8 out of 10 sounds into the soundpool (Africa & Techno missing) They are there and I can access through file manager but they would not go into the soundpool with the other 8 however many times I 'Add Styles'. Have deleted the lot several times, restarted the computer and have kicked the dog (not really!) Have now given up. So what's the problem Magix?


nihon94 wrote on 7/18/2010, 8:52 AM


Thank you for asking nice question. Your question showed same problem as I had faced or face from time to time.

I got Magix soundpool DVD from 9 to 15 as 16 is similar to Magix Music Maker 16 Premium pre installed therefore I did not buy.

Regarding the problem some time Magix Music Maker did not add some Genre. When I inquired about this problem I was told by Magix customer support. It could be a reason my Soundpool DVDs are of older version. Soundpool DVD 9-15 and I bought their explanation.

But in your case you are using everything new New soundpool, New windows then what?

I finally got my own solution one is explained in my pdf may be it will help you and other below the link. Soundpool problem and solution faq for MMM 16 Premium

How to: First copy your Soundpool on hard drive or any drive as it is Open your Best of Soundpool collection folder you will find many folders. Example, HipHop, Technotrance etc.

Copy any one folder (other than in this case Africa and Techno) then go to such as My Music and paste that folder. Open it and delete inside contents. Now change the name of this folder just a slight such as if copied folder was HipHop vol.6 make it HipHop vol.7 After doing this go to Africa or Techno folder open any one of them copy everything inside folder and come back to My Music open this newly created HipHop vol.7 folder paste here. Now you have HipHop vol/7 with African or Techno music Finally copy this newly folder HipHop vol.7 entirely and paste along with other Genres in the original folder of your Best of Soundpool collection. It will be read by Magix. Note: Always experiment on copied items do not play in Original folders there is always a chance of IF something goes wrong. Remember if you save any arrangement with this newly HipHop vol.7 next time when you want to use this folder must be on same place other wise Magix will not read. It is also better to copy your Best of Soundpool collection entire DVD some where and then use it from Magix.

If you need any help feel free to contact.

Thank you nihon94

nihon94 wrote on 7/18/2010, 9:19 PM

If you also want to know how to keep BPM exact in copying and making new folder feel free to ask.