Best PC/laptop for Magix video editing

AA4362 wrote on 5/2/2017, 9:29 PM

Have just bought the new movieedit pro .

Previously I had a mac and partitioned the hard drive to use Magix movieedit pro with windows 7. It was pretty slow and became quite frustrating

What has anyone found gives you speed and quality when videoediting.  Am looking at either PC or laptop with the recommended quad core 2.4 ghz and 8 gig Ram as per magix home page.

Think windows was only 32 bit so I will set up as 64bit next time .



johnebaker wrote on 5/3/2017, 2:48 AM


. . . . Best PC/laptop for Magix video editing . . . .

This is the one question where there is no complete answer other than:

  • there is no 'best' computer for video editing - see notes below
  • get one that is within your budget.
  • be aware of the restrictions when using a laptop eg small screen, possible lower performance as the heat build up induces processor speed step down

My computer is as follows:

Windows 10 64bit on Intel i5-4670K 3.4 GHz, 16Gb RAM, 1Tb + 2 x 2Tb internal HDD + 60Gb internal SSD using Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics chipset

I have recently compared this to a

Windows 10 64bit on Intel i5-6500K 3.5 GHz, 16Gb RAM, 512GB SSD + 2Tb internal HDD +NVidia GTX 1070

The difference in performance was marginal to none with the same video project.

The performance of any given PC is controlled by the complexity of the timeline, effects applied and whether Hardware Acceleration (HWA) is supported by the graphics card/chipset and other factors such as software running at the same time - this includes Anti-virus programs - two well known AV suites have been known to slow down computers considerably.

Note: -

A high speed gaming computer with a top spec graphics card does not necessarily mean it is better than a lower spec machine for video editing, which is an entirely different ball game to gaming

Not all NVidia graphics cards support HWA via CUDA - there are many posts in this forum about the subject.


John EB



AA4362 wrote on 5/3/2017, 5:48 AM

Thanks, very helpful. I'm assuming your PC handles the type of editing you do. The stuff I do is placing heads on an underlying video and it's pretty laborious sometimes doing frame by frame stuff. I'm hoping the object tracking may improve one day but maybe that's my skills too! Good point about the complexity of the timeline. I'll go for the best I can afford. Thanks again


tony-k wrote on 8/9/2018, 12:00 PM

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johnebaker wrote on 8/9/2018, 1:03 PM



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Did you notice that this topic is over a year old and has been marked as resolved?

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