Black Friday 2018 deal confusion

Jonathan-Torres wrote on 11/23/2018, 5:52 PM

If you browse the Magix website, you will see their promotion for MM Premium 2019 + Hip Hop edition for $79.99 (USD) or 69.99 upgrade option. However, if you launch MM 2018 EDM edition (, the in-app store has 4 promotions: MM Premium + either 80s, EDM, Hip Hop or Trap for $79.99 (USD). If you read the description, the last part of the sentence reads "for $59,99)". There is also no advertised Upgrade price. I went so far as to "Purchase" but stopped when asked for my cc info since I didn't want to buy it at the $79.99 price.

Can anyone clarify if purchasing the MM Premium promotion through the in-app store is really priced at $59.99 (USD) or if the upgrade price of $69.99 is an option.

If nothing else, I would just purchase through the website.



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