Brand New Music Maker Premium Install

Joseph-Bradley wrote on 7/3/2020, 8:40 AM

1. Why do I constantly have to login inside Music Maker 2021 Premium? It doesn't seem to store my login information to allow me to forego that when I want to go to the store etc from inside the program. This was the same in 2020 version for me. I upgraded to 2021 hoping this may have been fixed. Under the Start Music Maker dialog: Magix Account tab, It seems to want me to put my serial number in again every time I go to the tab.

2. I want to utilize my ASIO driver for my sound equipment, but it seems to not want to do that. And, when I do change an audio setting the program exits and restarts with no warning. I think a warning would be appropriate, as in "Changing this setting requires a restart of the program, ensure you have saved your project" or something similar.


Graham-Hawker wrote on 7/3/2020, 9:11 AM

I never have to log in once after I've done it first time. I suspect it's something to do with your computer rather than Music Maker as it has happened in different versions and no one else is reporting the problem.

Magix Low latency is an ASIO driver (probably even ASIO4All). I use FLStudio ASIO and tested ASIO4All and all was fine. However I did install the free version on a second laptop and while I can choose ASIO4all if I select the advanced button in the audio options screen if did crash. The main difference is that this laptop only had the inbuilt audio rather than a separate audio interface.

browj2 wrote on 7/3/2020, 9:39 AM



There are teething problems with the new 2021 version, so be patient. However, if you log in and then close the program normally, you should be logged in upon restart. If there is a crash, you will probably not be logged in.

The program is not asking you to put in the serial number. If you have one, you enter it once. All you are doing is activating the instruments, presets and features. Once done and installed, there is nothing more to do. The serial number does not show up in the box; it will always be blank. If you purchase another version later, you put the SN into the box.

As for the driver, go into the Project Settings, Audio/Midi tab, and click on advanced under the first ASIO field. Increase the sample rate of the selected output device to 1024 if it is showing 512.

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