Burning a DVD

Fuzznanny wrote on 9/7/2008, 12:31 PM
I can't seem to burn a DVD because it asks for an activation code.  I have a serial number and a receipt for purchase but I was never sent an activation code that I can see or find.  What can I do.  I really want to figure out this program today because it is my day off.  I can't call the company because it is not during business hours which means I won't be able to us this till tomorrow when I have to work too.  What to do???


siglersmalz wrote on 9/8/2008, 2:31 AM
Sorry about the code.  I guess you missed the opportunity to do your project during your day off.  I know that's frustrating.

You should search the emails from Magix carefully.  I had the same issue when I installed a download version of Music Maker.  The Activation Code was not called "Activiation Code" in the email.

I don't have the emails an longer so I don't have the details.  But the correct code was in the email, as I'm sure it is in yours.  Good luck!