Burning a DVD

ajheil wrote on 10/23/2008, 9:04 AM

Ok, I'm extremely frustrated, I've been working on this slideshow presentation with music for 4 days now and can't get it to burn to a DVD that will play without stopping in the middle and the transitions are all fuzzy.  WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?
I'm runnning MAGIX Extreme Photostory 6
When I save the fiel and go to burn first thing that pops up is a message asking me if I want to encode/encodeall/use/useall VOB files, I'm not sure what to pick so i've chosen them all at least once.  When I try encoding it says that a memory request has failed.  I have 3GB of hard drive space.  When I do get it to burn with the use all option, the transitions are then fuzzy and the DVD stops in the middle and will not play on all DVD players.  I need to get this project finished for a presentation at a high school soccer banquet and then make copies for several of the players    HELP, I'M AT MY WITS END HERE I've purchased a memory upgrade for this program, had to replace my soundcard, invested in the program.............I'm not a happy camper right now and I'm pretty proficient at a computer.


Morbotron wrote on 10/23/2008, 9:47 AM
What speed are you burning at? If the DVD stops in the middle, sounds like you could be burning too fast. Try burning again at x1 or x2 DVD speed and never burn faster than x4 DVD speed for the best quality/most durable burn.

If the encoded project isn't the best quality, you could increase the bit rate in the encoder settings: in the burn DVD for DVD player dialog, click "Encoder settings". Increase the bit rate as high as it will go, so long as your project still all fits onto one DVD. You can also raise the "Quality" setting as high as it will go too. Then, when you go to burn again, choose "Encode all" to re-encode at the higher bit rate. If it looks good and you want to then make additional copies, you can choose "Use all" to use the already encoded information and therefore skip the lengthy encoding process and simply burn an additional copy.
Morbotron wrote on 10/23/2008, 9:58 AM
x4 is generally ok, just faster than that is not a good idea. If you get a memory allocation error and can't proceed further than that, then you would really have to submit a support ticket for it, since it's hard for us fellow users to figure out what's happen in this case: