came with audio cleaning lab 2013 (mp3 deluxe mx) for up to win 8

lg-clough wrote on 7/3/2020, 1:02 AM

I have win10 v1909, intel graphics.  I want to convert my CD audio discs to mp3 flash drives - suitable for my car.  Either incredibly slow or freezes entirely (even loading is very slow).  Is Win 10 incompatible?  ( I tried built-in win 7 compatibility adjustment, but that didn't work).  My other video editing s/w (Cyberlink - converting VHS tapes to DVD video discs and editing) works just fine.  Co-habitation problem?  Version problem?  It is frustrating;  it is difficult to keep trying to find the source of the problem.  I admit that I've had it for 6 years and didn't use it until now.  What's next?  Thanks for your attention.   Len Clough   07/02/2020  


emmrecs wrote on 7/3/2020, 4:49 AM


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I don't know this specific version of this program but I do know that "mx" versions of other Magix software do not work properly, if at all, under Win 10.

I doubt there is any conflict with your Cyberlink software.

You may need to consider updating your version of the software.


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