Can freely upload my created music arangement if i do it for free?

Manfromstars wrote on 6/10/2019, 9:31 AM


please I have question, i see a loot about comercial answers but i need information about non comercial. I realy carre try to do as right as i can and not broken law and maily my clear moral status. Because i realy try respect somoe work and his rights. "My rights end where start rights for other."

Example i created music track from loops (not my own work) My own work is only compositions - loops that in final I arange and make some song that i create/arange.

I upload it on youtube, looperman, souncloud only for free listening and try be somebody other happy if like that music.

That is ok? No problems no violations? I not create music for any money or monetizing. If is not whole my music creation (make own loops etc.) then i not risk or never thinked about that sell that music if i fully not created it. But sometimes and some licences and copyrights are realy crazy. And hard to understand.

If i alow somebody use my music, or if he do it without my knowing and use it in comercial purpose. Example as part of some video.

It is my fault and some problem? I i forgot write that if somebody wanted it use in full or part comercial purpose? Then must contact MAGIX and pay correct licence?

I mostly write at my songs or videos that i maked music in MMM or Magix Music Maker and hope in knowledke those who want reuse my creation for comercials. And contact you and purchase valid licencing for comercial use.

Then if somebody want use my cretaion in example in presentation (some side comerce) Then where i may navigate it for pay licencing? Mostly it is about one music track with x diferent soundpools loops used.

I see and know this:

But hard understandable and in my point i se it as ilogical and chaotic. There is not easy understandable examples.

Like. If you want use on your pages one song maked by Magix Music Maker and your page have count under 50 000 visitors per month. Then you need pay/buy Audio pro standard licence. etc.

Or If you want use one loop in your comercial song.


johnebaker wrote on 6/10/2019, 2:20 PM



If you have not already done so, see this article it may help clear the confusion.

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Manfromstars wrote on 6/11/2019, 3:45 AM



If you have not already done so, see this article it may help clear the confusion.

John EB

Thank you

But you not much answer to me directly.

My English is not strong, but im think understand some.

And that arcicle only clear answer on my first guestion. That second and third there i se only partial and indirectional answer.

In that article for me is little funy part. :) Like: "It might seem difficult to understand why you need to pay extra"

What is there dificult? You not pay extra - if you use somebody work when your maked song is part yours and part those loops that you not create are its author/licence owner. You payed only for personal use, not for comercial use.

Purchase comercial part is only purchase like purchase mp3 song or audio CD. It is not program

Then i see there logical that i have permision freely share my work if i do it for free. And if want use my part work comercialy use then i must pay licence. But that pay licence is hard to reach. It will be good if you rearange that pay table for more understandable logical form with few easy understand examples and also put link on your shop page for your creative products like MMM. It is realy hard find that licencing table.

I missing there clear information exmaple pay for one song, or pay for each loops that are not my creativity work? Table now not say if is for one song, or if is for one loop.

And for me most inportant question is if is not problem that i give my work freely listening and downloading for anyone. And if somebody want use it in comercial use then if i am responsible for that if i forgot say him or write info if somebody that want use my song comercialy that he must pay licence to MAGIX. I only wanted for those people that credit me as author of song and ideal if credit that song been created in MAGIX MUSIC MAKER or MMM. And offcourse take as standart that they also pay licence to loops owner. Then that is why i mostly forgot that, because i take that part as logical and automatical.

Thank you.