Can I create a samples library

bigmal wrote on 2/11/2011, 3:43 PM

I would like to create a samples library by importing from CD's so that I can use these like the Soundpools.

At present I have only been able to import a song track and cut it into usable samples and then store these samples as an arrangement, but I am unsure as to how I might place these samples in another arrangement, as when I open this new arrangement (library) any arrangement I have on the workspace disappears.

I think I may be doing something fundamentally wrong.


Procyon wrote on 2/11/2011, 5:36 PM can have only one arrangement open at any one time.  When you open a NEW arrangement, any open arrangement is then closed.


Yes, you can save samples in two ways.  You can save them as a "take", or you can save them as an independent WAV file.


With a "take", you can add any effects you wish and save it as a take.  Then, the take can be imported into any arrangement just like any soundpool sample (some of which ARE takes).  Obviously, the original sample must be saved to your hard drive and remain in it's original location on your computer.  Any effects applied to the saved take can also be adjusted or turned off after the fact.


Go to ....(Object Menu) > Advanced options > Save as take (CTRL+F)




I believe this is what you are asking about...


You can also save in individual sample as a WAV file after you've modified it.  Any changes made will become permanent.  Make sure that track is set to play "solo" and set the start and end marlers to the exact beginning and end of the object you wish to export.


Go to....File (menu) > Export > Audio as wave/ADPCM... (ALT+W)


In the Options box, make sure the "Only export the range between start and end markers" box is checked.