NoTurning wrote on 7/4/2008, 12:28 PM
Hi jayraju,
Perhaps a bit more info. might help... what exactly are you trying to accomplish?
You certainly can re-arrange tracks by moving up or down and even sideways. If you are trying to add a track from one arrangement to another; I've found that using the export function is most reliable. The copy/cut and paste only works about 50% of the time (maybe a bug?). 

Open the arrangement you want to extract the track from, delete everything except the track you want to keep, then export it as .wav or .mp3 (.wav is preferable). Now close WITHOUT saving.
Open the arrangement you want to add the track to then drag the exported file to it just like adding a sample.Though it involves extra steps, it's the most reliable method.

Make sure you post your finished project here for us to listen too.
jayraju wrote on 7/6/2008, 8:09 PM
Thanks for your response Justin. I can't see an obvious way to reply to your response hence I am using the "Answer" option. Bit more on what I am trying to achieve:
Say for example, I want to move Track 10 in-between Tracks 3 and 4. I was hoping that I could just right click, for and have a "move up" and "move down" option. So, I would click on Track 10 and use the "move up" option to insert it between Tracks 3 and 4. I can select the whole track and move it around but I find it very cumbersome.
Also, CTRL K inserts a new Track to the end, Is their a way to insert a track in-between, for example, between already existing Tracks 4&5.
Thanks for the tip on inserting a track from another arrangement. I tried the copy and paste methods and had a few issues, I will try your way in future.

I an newbie so I really appreaciate your help.

Regards, Jay