emmrecs wrote on 9/27/2018, 4:43 AM


I'm not at all sure about this because I can't find any detailed information on the specific plugin but I suspect that this may be to do with the fact that SF Pro12 is 64 bit and, perhaps, the plugin is 32 bit? If so, I really have no ideas to offer to you.

If your plug was a VST the ubiquitous jBridge would allow you to run it in a 64 bit environment, but a DirectX version is clearly something quite different. However, there is a VST2 version of the plug, assuming it is still available to buy?

BTW, I used to run the hardware (black box) version of the Sonic Maximizer in a small studio environment, in the days before recording and mixing was all "in the box". A pretty impressive piece of kit!


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rraud wrote on 9/28/2018, 10:46 AM

Most of the legacy Sound Forge Direct X (DX) plug-ins should work w/o issue in Pro-12 x64.. at least they do on my Win 10 PC. OTOH, the iZotope mastering suite 1 & 2 DX plug-ins (that were included w/ SFP-9 &10) do not, nor do my Ultrafunk DX plugs. I have not tried it, but I believe all the DX plugs will work with the x86 version of SFP-12 .. which I recall can be installed concurrently with the x64 version... though I have not tried it.