Can't get ACID Pro 9 Trial to Install

lelefront wrote on 1/15/2020, 9:39 AM

I currently own ACID Pro 7 and am considering upgrading to ACID Pro 9. To help make my decision, I am trying to install the trial version of ACID Pro 9. I have downloaded it to the hard drive of the computer. I have internet access on the computer. I am repeatedly stopped by a pop-up window that says that the program cannot contact the internet with options to Abort, Retry, Ignore. I am logged on as administrator. I have disabled anti-virus and firewalls. If I can't install the trial, I am absolutely not paying money for an upgrade.


sheppo wrote on 1/20/2020, 12:03 PM

@lelefront - hi, sorry to hear you're having issues. Can you provide some more details about your setup. OS, how you're connected to the internet, have you tried running it as the administrator (ctrl+right click, run as administrator). Do you have anything else that might be blocking access, e.g. custom routing tables, VPN, piHole.. anything really?

lelefront wrote on 1/20/2020, 9:15 PM

I do have a custom firewall, a piHole and a VPN. I disabled ALL firewall filters, bypassed the VPN, turned off ALL anti-virus and disabled the piHole to no avail. I finally figured it out. I also run my own recursive DNS which does not use any of the common forwarding DNS on the internet, just the root hint servers. Apparently, the installer does not like this. When I set my workstation to use Cloudflare or Google DNS, the installation works. I would have preferred to just download the program whole instead of the two step approach of downloading an installer that downloads the program. I don't understand what the gain is.

lelefront wrote on 1/27/2020, 7:12 PM

UPDATE: The install problems actually have nothing to do with my connection to the internet. I am able to install the program with ALL filters on my firewall enabled AND my piHole enabled with my firewall handling all DNS duties. It apparently has to do with how the downloaded installation packages are saved. The account from which I was trying to install was a windows domain account user with local administrator rights that has redirected folders. When I use a local administrator account, the programs install fine with the firewall and piHole enabled.

sheppo wrote on 1/29/2020, 2:34 AM

hi @lelefront

That's a real odd one, and not something that should affect the downloader's ability to save the installer, unless there's some other odd permission set on the redirected profile folder which didn't allow creation of new folders. Also, I agree on the option for a direct download of the installer being a preferable option for a vast majority of people.

Anyway, thank you for taking time to update with the actual solution. Appreciated. :)