NoTurning wrote on 12/9/2008, 8:17 AM

It's kind of up to you where they go... I have a second hard drive where I have all my sounds organized in a folder called Samples; I also back-up all my music to that drive a well. Then you can simply point MM14 Media Pool to the samples on your second drive.

If you don't have a second drive then simply create a folder for the sound pool collection and keep all your sounds there; again pointing MM14 to that location.

rocket777 wrote on 12/19/2008, 11:56 PM
Finally, got it to work.

I had installed the media files on my second hard drive, as I recall, the install asked where to put things, and I had it put the files there because my c drive was too small. I forgot and nothing in the program (in the folders section of options points there, so I don't know where they save that, maybe in registry).

Anyway, to fix it, I moved the folder (unzipped from the dloaded zip file) into this folder (which has my other soundpool files) and then used the reset database option in options -> general -> soundpool, (click the reset database button). After that, the first time I clicked on soundpool tab, it found everything.

Hope this helps.

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I'm having the same problem, I unzipped the files, then tried to do an import from the soundpool tab, found the directory, and nothing seemed to happen. Then I exited and restarted the program, it went through all the motions of loading the files into the database, and again, nothing happened after that.