Can't Open a Single Project - CRASHING

wicknation wrote on 6/12/2018, 4:01 PM

Was having crashing issues.. So I updated to the latest version of Acid Pro 8 (x64) as Mathias suggested in the other thread, but this seems to be a completely different issue. I cannot open any projects without them freezing, and then the program just closing itself within 5 seconds.

This is brutal, as I use this program for work - and need to work.

Anyone else experiencing this? It just started for me today


sheppo wrote on 6/14/2018, 2:09 PM

hi @wicknation

apologies no one responded to you sooner. When you say the projects are freezing, can you give more information.

  1. Does the project load but not play?
  2. does the application freeze whilst attempting to load?
  3. Are you using rewire?
  4. are you using any VSTs, are they 64bit compatible?
  5. any more information about your setup would be helpful
j-j wrote on 6/15/2018, 3:21 AM

I think you have to open the project from the actual folder on your c drive where you keep your acid projects..not by opening it on acid works for me I had the same problem couldn't open it from acid kept getting a crash report.

carlos-p wrote on 6/15/2018, 7:02 AM

Hi fellows. I use Scid pro 7 and noew trying the Acis 8 version. I have the problem on installation but it was solved when instelled the Windows redistributable +++2015. Just a hint for everyone.


carlos-p wrote on 6/15/2018, 7:04 AM

This software is quite good. I suppose it does not be ina second place for any Daw, but I feel that the marketing of this software is kinda weak! It deserves a strong marketing policy. What do you think???

sheppo wrote on 6/18/2018, 7:20 AM

@carlos-p Hi, thanks for getting back with a fix for your problem. The latest beta of Acid does include updated c++ redistributables so once this release goes live it will fix it for everyone.

And of course, there has been a strong loyal userbase for Acid for many years now. Those that love it absolutely love it! Welcome to the club! :)