Can't register Vintage FX Suite

Muzozavr wrote on 4/26/2018, 4:51 PM

The VST plugins load just fine into any host, but the secondary window for registering them doesn't pop up at all. The Humble Bundle instructions say they should open up immediately, which doesn't happen. There's an option in one of the menus that says "Activate Vintage Effects Suite..." but clicking on it does absolutely nothing. It doesn't even freeze like some other people complained, it just... doesn't do anything at all.

I first tried in Reaper and Audacity, but then decided that maybe doing it from inside a Magix product is better, so I loaded up the VSTs in Vegas, but the same thing happens still. I can't register them.

Out of non-Vegas stuff in the bundle, the VSTs were one of the things I was really looking forward to, so this is kind of a bummer.


Darren-Cornelison wrote on 7/19/2018, 4:20 PM


You'll respond when someone tries it with ABLETON or FL. Then charlie out with OH CALL THEM NOT US.

Well I have acid 7, sound forge 10, 11, and Vegas 14 ALL OF THEM FAIL when trying to register these VSTS. ANSWER THE QUESTION.


emmrecs wrote on 7/20/2018, 4:59 AM

@Darren-Cornelison @Muzozavr

First, my apologies that no-one has been able to respond to your posts, perhaps because we do not know the answer!

All the moderators on these Magix forums are NOT employees of the company, merely fellow-users like you! We do not have access to any more information than you have. Therefore to specifically target


and demand that we


is neither reasonable nor even possible!

Having said that, I do understand the frustration, but you really do need to raise a Support ticket direct with Magix here.

The screenshot you posted inevitably leads to one question: what you show is exactly what I would expect to see as the registration server is being contacted. What happen when/if that screen (with the circular graphic) disappears? Normally, you would receive, perhaps after some minutes, a message saying that registration has been successful, or otherwise.

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Chopsuki wrote on 8/16/2018, 3:24 AM

Having the same problem, even though i registered it on that website from robertNC, still running into issue where it never stops loading.

dave-stuck wrote on 10/24/2018, 1:42 PM

I have this problem as well. The circle hangs. Loading MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite on Vegas 15 (177).