Can you add automation to the reverb & delay effects?

djbryanc wrote on 7/16/2008, 2:02 PM
Is there a way to add automation to the effects located in the mixer? If you use the presets it's basically a case of the effect being on or off. Is there a way to add automation so that the effects build up gradually?

Basically I'd like to be able to adjust the reverb for example, in the same way that you can adjust the volume, filters & distortion using the dynamic effects editor.

If anyone can suggest anything I'd be very grateful.


ralftaro wrote on 7/18/2008, 4:04 AM
Hi there,

Yes, this can be done by automating the send controllers ("FX1" and "FX2") for the FX tracks in the mixer. Here's what you need to do:

After you've created your arrangement, open the mixer window (e.g. by pressing M on the keyboard). By default, the FX tracks will probably be hidden and you will only see the mixer strips for each individual arrangement track plus the master track. In order for the FX track strip(s) to appear in the mixer, you will have to click on the FX1/FX2 controller(s) on one of the regular tracks. The FX track strip(s) will appear between the regular tracks and the master track strip. You can configure effects for one or both FX tracks. The send controllers on your regular arrangement tracks ("FX1" and "FX2") determine what volume portion of the signal from that track gets routed through the FX tracks. Just in case it's not completely clear, the send controllers act like little sliders. If you hold down your left mouse button on "FX1" or "FX2" and drag it to the left or to the right you can decrease/increase the volume portion of the signal that is routed through the FX track(s).

Now, this send controller setting doesn't have to be static. It can actually be automated. In order to do this, close down the mixer again after you've activated at least one FX track and set up the desired effect(s) on that FX track. Right-click on an object in the track that you want to automate the FX send controller for and choose "Track curve effects" from the context menu. In the dynamic effects editor, choose the parameter you want to automate from the available options in order to activate it - in this case FX1 and/or FX2 depending on what FX track you're using. Then select the parameter in the activated effects list and apply the desired automation curve, which can be accomplished by using the freehand drawing mode, by manipulating the slider live when replaying the arrangement or by automatically creating a curve via the "rhythmic envelope" function. Done.

I hope this helps.