Can you use Samplitude X2 vsts in Pro x3 suite

cowparsleyman wrote on 3/23/2018, 5:53 AM


I'm a newbie here, sop please forgive me if I'm repeating a prior post.

I loved the electric bass vst in samplitude x2, but it's gone in pro x3 suite, is there anyway I can use it again, maybe by re installing x2, or copying some files over ?

Please let me know as I really miss it.

Thjaks for your time in answering this.




jeroen wrote on 12/27/2019, 3:18 PM

I have the same problem. Bought the 2017 samplitude and recently the pro x4 upgrade. All track fx I have installed in the 2017 won't work any more with pro X4. Why the hell did I bought and expensive upgrade!!!!!!!!!! All my unfinished music projects, I assumed I could finish in X4, must be finalized in version 2017. Cause the vst-effects have an other image/build. Same goes for other track effects. You can load older VIP projects in a higher version, but all vst-i and tracks fx won't apply. You must reset all those parameters, which is in my case too much work.

SO, if you want to use your old music project files without resetting all parameters, DON'T buy an upgrade to pro X4 or X3.....


browj2 wrote on 12/27/2019, 11:00 PM


Are you sure about getting the Electric Bass VSTi with Samplitude Pro X2? I have Pro X2 and it's not there, but Bass Machine came with it.

Did you keep the installation files for X2 (I keep them all)? If so, then you can see which instruments were included. If not, then you may want to reinstall X2 along with its instruments as they may have been removed when X2 was uninstalled. Then they should show up in X4.

I presume that you downloaded and installed all of the additional content under Help, Download Instruments and sounds.

Pro X4 is a 64bit program as was Pro X3. I don't recall if Pro X2 was a 32 or 64 bit version or both. You may want to check. If you have old projects with 32bit VST's, make sure to add the 32bit VST path or Pro X4 won't find the plugins.

There is a dedicated Samplitude Pro forum here that you may want to join.


Your rant has nothing to do with this subject and I will reply to the other one. Before going on a rant, you may want to ask on the forum whether or not there is a problem and what to do about it.

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jeroen wrote on 12/29/2019, 3:41 AM

My rant has all to do with it because apparently this happened to more customers which is my point in this case.

I reply with a complete answer in the other post

cowparsleyman wrote on 1/1/2020, 10:59 AM

Thanks to all those members that took the time to respond, Kraznet the Almighty solved this issue for me, I downloaded what I needed from his link in the SAM forum and bingo all is well. but... it's sooo unreliable...crashing with only 60 tracks and a 'normal' amount of plugs per track/buss...getting on my pip to be honest