Cant locate the "Add Files"- button in the Soundfiles-tab!

atibingler wrote on 9/8/2009, 11:53 AM
EDIT: It seems that i wrote the Soundfiles wrong, it is supposed to be Soundpools-tab!!! not soundfiles-tab

Hi people im having a lame problem with my Magix Music Maker 15. It seems that i cannot locate the "Add Files"- button in the Soundpools-tab. this is essential for adding the music, no? i have installed the music packs but still nothing, no "Add Files" to add them in there.. Someone said in a thread that Add Files is not visible in Easy Mode. well i strongly suspect im having Easy Mode on then.. but ive found no explanation how to change the Easy Mode to something else. Whats going on? how do i change the Easy Mode away? please help me with the Add Files button.


Procyon wrote on 9/8/2009, 10:45 PM
You will find the Easy Mode switch at the top left corner of the screen just below the MAGIX logo.

The "button" you are looking for is actaully called "Add Styles".

BTW...Why didn't you just edit the title instead?