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PxDemaR wrote on 10/20/2021, 8:56 AM

We have a License of MP3 Maker 15 that we want to use and update! We purchased this product at launch via Magix Online. We was sure that we did not register the product at this time. But that information seems to be wrong, as the program now says that the program is registered with other e-mail. We have many Magix software registered with the same email, but MP3 Maker 15 is apparently with a different address. Can we change the email to the one to which our other Magix products are linked? We are a loyal customer and hope it can be solved with our P2 Key as proof. Old Email Domains can be mentioned as proof if needed.

Sincerely / Sir Peter Bergman - PxDemaR Studios NPA


emmrecs wrote on 10/20/2021, 9:03 AM


Welcome to the Magix user to user forums, so not a contact for any Magix staff, sorry.

If you know the email address to which your MP3 Maker software is registered you should be able to log into your account, go to User Data and change the registered email address.

If you are unable to log in and make the change yourself you will need to email, giving FULL details of the problem and asking that they make the necessary changes to your account records.


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