Changed Computer hardware & win os from windows 10 to 11 & now

Magoo wrote on 6/3/2024, 7:22 PM

To Support Staff or Magix Community: I have been using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 17 since I purchased it in 2020 & want to continue to do so... I recently upgraded my Computer From Windows 10 to 11... New Cpu, Motherboard etc... & transferred all programs back to windows system & of course now my Xara Photo Graphic Designer 17 won't work... I went on Magix service center page & deactivated my widows 10 desktop copy... I tried to  activate it on Windows 11 Desktop & it won't activate. The program says it its corrupt on my desktop & may need a reinstall to fix the problem but no luck... I even can't uninstall it to begin again... please help me I need to get it working as soon as possible... Thank You. Dennis...


emmrecs wrote on 6/9/2024, 5:36 AM


Welcome to the Magix user to user forums and apologies that you have, so far, received no replies to your post.

It would seem there is some sort of error in the installation of PGD 17 on your new computer, an error which also apparently precludes you from removing it and retrying the installation. Is that correct?

If so, you might care to read this Microsoft page and download and use the suggested troubleshooter to remove the current installation. Assuming that is successful, then reboot your computer and retry the installation.

Do please let us know if this works!

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