Combining Projects

Dave-Fletcher wrote on 3/14/2020, 9:27 PM

I have old cassette tapes and have a project for each side of each tape. So Tape 1 Side A is one project, Tape 1 Side B is another project, and Tape 2 side a is the third project. I want to burn a .cda format CD with Tape 1 Side A followed with Tape 1 Side B and then Tape 2 Side A on the CD. They will all fit in .cda format.

Can anyone advise how to do this in Magix Audio and Music Lab Premium?

Using record maybe recording the mp3 files in series into a new project? OR can it be done with cut and paste?

Windows version is 8.1, Magix AM&LM version is Premium (DP3) UG Code 8840 KA3.


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