Commercial use of MAGIX soundpools

ralftaro wrote on 3/13/2019, 8:15 AM

Since questions about the commercial use of MAGIX soundpools in general, and the loops included with or purchased through Music Maker in particular, come up here on a regular basis, we wanted to draw everyone's attention to the following official MAGIX magazine article again:

This article is a bit older, and is probably going to be updated sometime soon to also cover the possibility of purchasing those soundpool licences through Producer Planet:

Any soundpools that are available through our in-app store system (in Music Maker), would also be available here.


NEW: I'd also like to use the opportunity to point out that the Music Maker in-app store now features the possibility to choose the desired license type during the ordering process. You're no longer limited to the non-commercial licence, and can get the commercial licence directly through the application.