Compatibility issues between Music Maker and Komplete Kontrol

Kenneth-Knudsen wrote on 12/2/2022, 1:34 PM

Im having some issues with Komplete Kontrol when running it through Music Maker,

in Music Maker it looks like this:

While in Fruity Loops it looks and runs like it should:

Some Komplete instruments works just fine in Music Maker though - like Carbon 2:

It seems that every time the window has to resize to something bigger than the initial size it blocks out part of the window in white and some in black.

While moving the cursor over the black parts reveals the buttons hidden underneath - no such luck with the white parts that just remain white and unusable...

Currently checking my other Plugins and software to see if the issue is found elsewhere or if it is only in Music Maker + Komplete.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Update 1:

Thought it might be my resolution scaling so i reset to default - No change!

Thought it might be my GPU driver as Im running Studio over Gaming - No change either way!


Thanks in advance



SP. wrote on 12/2/2022, 3:36 PM

@Kenneth-Knudsen Try to load the VST2 version of Komplete Kontrol.

Kenneth-Knudsen wrote on 12/2/2022, 4:04 PM

@SP. well that was relatively simple XD

VST2 versions didnt appear automatically but after looking around I found, added and played around with them - and it seems to work as well as being FAR more stable, havent crashed a single time.

Thank you for the help :)