Former user wrote on 8/7/2020, 2:16 PM

Recheck the path first.

ForrestC-Gilmore wrote on 8/7/2020, 7:28 PM

If you don't know the answer to a question or have trouble reading what was said, you should not respond.

The path to the Analogue Modeling Suite files was selected in the Sound Force VST Effects tab of the Preferences options - Program Data\Magix\Analogue Modeling Suite Plus\.

When the list is refreshed, none of the Modeling Suite options appear anywhere in the VST list or SoundForge menus.

After searching again, I found that the proper option is Program Files\VSTPlugins\Magix\Analogue Modeling Suite Plus\. The files now show up in the list of VSTs. and they are placed in the Third Party group.

It seems odd that Magix did not configure Soundforge to use that folder, but then again, Magix is known for omissions such as this - I know from years of experience with the program. I should have searched more diligently the first time.

Then I found that they did not show up in The Soundforge menus until I added Third Party VSTs to the FX Favorites menu using the Organize option. I had to figure this out myself, then I was able to find the instructions in the Help files. A strange way for a program to work, but I guess each one has its quirks.

Former user wrote on 8/8/2020, 8:25 AM

Hey, pal, people aren't obliged to answer your questions, so you should be thankful for any responses. Next time, really figure it out yourself and don't bother anybody else with your trivial problem.

emmrecs wrote on 8/8/2020, 8:34 AM

@ForrestC-Gilmore @Former user

Let's not indulge in sniping, please!

@ForrestC-Gilmore, the first sentence of your reply to @Former user's post was unnecessarily "harsh"; you cannot expect people to offer help to you if you then criticise them for doing so!

@Former user, your latest reply is entirely correct in substance but perhaps a little "too direct" in style!

Let's keep everything polite in the forums, please!

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