johnebaker wrote on 10/15/2019, 5:28 PM



. . . . Is it possible to add a track made with music maker jams on an album . . . .

You can add Music maker Jam track to an album, however if the album is commercially available eg by paid download, listen or generates income in any way, then you need Commercial licences for all the Soundpools used in the MMMJAM track and any other Magix program such as Music Maker, Samplitude etc that you have used to create an album.

See this topic for more information.

Copyright is another issue - you do not own copyright to the Magix Soundpool loops used in a track - this belongs to Magix, a Commercial licence only allows you to use those soundpool loops for financial gain it does not confer any copyright rights to you.

This leads on to another potential issue - you may get copyright claims against for using a loop (or loops) that have also been used by another user of Magix audio software, this is unavoidable given the source is a preset audio loop.


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