Crashes all over...

Patrick-Gotsch wrote on 9/12/2018, 2:47 PM

Hi everyone,

I bought MM18Prem 2 month a go und upgraded to MM19Prem.

So what I expected was a DAW to make my Cover Musics, working on Vocals, putting some effects on it...

What I got since the major release 27.... is 3 Minutes Work... Crash... I have up to 20 Crashes in an houer workin on my project...

So whats up with MM??? I recognized it is getting worse and worse with the more effects/VSTs I use. Using the Ozone 8 Elements Plug In is sometimes horrible... the delay in Music Maker is sometimes up to an half second on just one track... ??? wtf.

I also recognized it is installed in Program (x86) folder... but I thought it's a 64 Bit Programm? Working with a 32 Bit Programm and 32 Bit VSTs on such a powerful machine is sensless.


- Win10 Pro 1803 64 Bit
- 16GB RAM
- CoreI7
- ASIO4ALL driver with an Presonus Autiobox USB

MM Version:


So it feels like a bit getting fooled by MAGIX.


What options do I have?? Deinstallation of all (it was a MM2018 and then an update to the new one) and clean reinstallation... will MM2019 be real 64 Bit??

Its unusable MAGIX, sorry I spend 140 € for MM2018Prem and the Upgrade to MM2019Prem and theres nothing to use anymore.



daeell29-ukysse wrote on 9/12/2018, 5:15 PM

Samplitude is a 64 bit program ( since 2011 )

Magix Music Maker is a 32 bit program

Maybe have a talk with Magix , trying a refund and buy Samplitude ?


In fact , by default ,

if you use a 64 bit host , you could not use 32 bit VST plugin .. they can t be loaded

if you use a 32 bit host , you could not use 64 bit VST plugin . they can t be loaded


There is nevertheless a possibilty workaround as to use a "bridge" . There are several bridges in the market : for instance jbridge

I have readen in this forum that Samplitude Pro X ( and of course the samplitude Pro X suite ) the has a bridge too . i can t confirm because i don t have got it , but i guess it s probable

In the same post , Samplitude Studio ( the basic at 99$ , not the Pro ) does t have a bridge. Nevertheless , when you buy it , you have got the two versions , and you pick up , you choose which version you prefer


Nevertheless your crasches come from an another source that the 32b/64bits architecture


What kind of project do you load when you crash ?

Maybe some details can help us to help you ?


Vincent-Allain wrote on 2/25/2019, 10:26 PM

@Patrick-Gotsch Hi, basically I seem to have similar problems to you. I have reported many issues, nothing gets resolved, getting really frustrated with Magix.

Have you got any luck on anything yet? Do you also feel like they are waiting for your one year of free support to end, after which you have to start to pay to get support?

johnebaker wrote on 2/26/2019, 2:58 AM

@Patrick-Gotsch, @Vincent-Allain


. . . . Nevertheless your crasches come from an another source that the 32b/64bits architecture . . . . .

@daeell29-ukysse has a very valid point here.

The crashing may not be an issue caused by MMM. You also need to check that it is Windows itself is not causing an issue, hardware or other programs.

To check Windows follow steps 4 - 10 in this tutorial.

For hardware you need to run diagnostics - in particular for the hard drive (get the manufacturers drive checker program) - and RAM.

To check other programs are not causing the issue is not quick, however a good starting point are the Event logs and Crash reports in Windows followed by starting Windows in a minimal configuration ie all unnecessary programs running and add them back in one by one.

I also use CCleaner at intervals to clean up the Registry - however use this at your own risk.


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browj2 wrote on 2/26/2019, 10:35 AM

@Patrick-Gotsch @Vincent-Allain @daeell29-ukysse @johnebaker

A new patch is out today that may, hopefully, solve some of the problems:

Changes in patch compared to

  • Crash fix: Changes to export settings no longer lead to crashes
  • Crash fix: Using the compressor no longer leads to crashes during export
  • Bug fix: Fixed errors that occurred when opening
  • Improvement: Interface in the Music Maker download manager has been
  • optimized (e.g. Music Maker credits are no longer displayed)
  • Improvement: Filters for all content in the Music Maker Store have been
  • optimized

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