Crashes when importing into Soquoia

ZONO wrote on 1/22/2023, 8:14 PM

Hi. When I try to import a Wav or DDP file into Sequoia16, it crashes.
It crashes when I create a project and try to specify a destination with "Save As...". to specify where to save the file, it also crashes.
For a while after installation, I can import and Save As without any problems, but after a few days, it suddenly crashes, and once it happens, it always crashes after that.

Deleting the ProgramData > Magix folder and reinstalling Sequoia16 will fix the problem.
However, after using the program for a while, the crash occurs again and the program must be reinstalled again.

The timing of the crash is the moment I click "Import" or "Save As" from the menu bar.
The crash occurs at the time when the window for specifying the directory should normally appear.

Only Sequoia crashes, Windows is operating normally.

The versions of Windows and Sequoia are as follows.
Windows10Pro 21H2 Japanese version

Windows is used with Bootcamp, two MacMini 2020 and one MacPro 2013.
The crashes are occurring on all three units, and although the time of occurrence is random, they are occurring on all models.

Sequoia seems to have been released so I am going to download it and try it. (Downloading is too slow,,,)
If that doesn't work, there is an update for Windows 10Pro 22H2 that exists, so I am going to try to update it.
I have contacted support but have not received a response.
Has anyone had any improvement from the same symptoms or know the cause?


emmrecs wrote on 1/23/2023, 3:23 AM


Welcome to the Magix user to user forums.

Are you aware there is a dedicated forum for users of Samplitude Pro and Sequoia here?

I suggest you register at and repost your question there since there are very few, if any, users of Sequoia who visit and post to this forum.


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