creating a music video

StevieC wrote on 6/9/2008, 3:36 PM
I have just received Magix Movies on CD/DVD Terratec edition. It looks great but I'm having trouble getting going.

I have shot 3 videos of my band performing a particular song. I would like to import all 3 vids, select one of the soundtracks to run all the way through while selecting scenes from all 3. Assuming we have played all 3 at exactly the same tempo (unlikely but let's pretend we have) can I cut and past pieces of each dropping them onto the the same timepoint on the finished video? E.g. Take a clip from vid 1 at 1:05 and paste it in at 1:05 on the finished video.

Can someone give me some hints as to how to do this or even better a short tutorial somewhere?


ralftaro wrote on 6/10/2008, 2:53 AM
Hi StevieC,

I'm afraid due to its restrictions, the Movies on CD & DVD product line isn't really suitable for what you're trying to accomplish, especially with its limitation to one single video/image track and its inability to separate audio and video track of an imported video clip. The product is mostly designed for a simple workflow of recording/capturing a video, doing some minor trimming and optimization and then exporting it again or authoring a DVD from the material. If you're looking to do more creative editing, you should probably check out Movie Edit Pro:

This would enable you to place the three videos on parallel tracks, remove/mute the two undesired audio tracks and then edit your arrangement in a manner that your resulting visual track will be a blend of the three source videos (e.g. alternating shots/cameras, picture-in-picture effects, mix effects). There's a lot of creative freedom and a lot of possibilities, once you start exploring the program. A trial version of Movie Edit Pro 14 is available on the website.

I hope this helps.