Crossfade Editor problem

Ulrich-Schneider wrote on 8/16/2020, 3:16 PM

I am a longtime user of Sequoia in editing, at this time I am working on a Lenovo Laptop P70,

Audio Hardware Directout Machbox via MadiFace ExpressCard. Audio disks SSD via USB3 C.

Since yesterday I am having a strange problem in the Crossfade Editor Window during Multitrack editing:

Settings in the CE Window:

Link: both on.

Move mode: Classical

Object Mode: all tracks together

Align Box: On

Fade: Symmetrical on.

Using the middle handle to move both fades seems to work fine, moving the lower audio with the fades, but when I release the handle the lower fade snaps back into the original position, as if it is locked. Both fades appear not below each other but in a visual offset.

Never had this problem before, anybody can hint me what I need to change or is this a known bug? Recently installed Window 10, but that was 1 month ago.

Thanks a lot.