emmrecs wrote on 4/23/2020, 1:33 PM


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OSX Catalina allows only 64 bit apps to run; SF for Mac is 32 bit, so no, there is no resolution to the problem.

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fprstudio wrote on 4/24/2020, 2:35 AM

This is what they replied (4/23/2020) to my support request regarding Sound Forge Pro Mac and Catalina.

"Greetings from Sound Forge Support,
Thank you for contacting us.  Unfortunately, at this time there is no clear answer to what the future of Sound Forge Pro Mac will be.  There are no plans in the foreseeable future to update the program to be compatible with Catalina, and it is hard to say whether or not the Mac line will continue at all.  I apologize for the inconvenience of this and we thank you for your time and understanding."

I have been using SF since 1995 (Sonic Foundry) on Windows. I thought Magix was going to keep going forward with the Mac version making it as good as the Windows one but I guest I was wrong.

MikeGay wrote on 4/24/2020, 9:03 AM

Yes. Fortunately, I still have a spare Macbook Pro running OS10.10.5 that I installed in on yesterday. Guess I'll have to use it for SF. I'm also installing FCP 7 on it so I can edit video in 7. I'm not up-to-speed on FCPX yet and, on 7, I can do some things in my sleep! Lol!

Like you, I've used SF on Windows for many years and loved it.