Custom Plug-Ins

s011d wrote on 3/26/2019, 4:08 PM

Hello, everyone!

I have been using MAGIX products since May 2015 and supporting this community since 2017. I am so thankful for the services and all the high-quality software that actually made me so productive despite being young. I first started with making some bug reports and providing free support to the developers. I am thankful they recognized a lot of my reports and worked on updates.

Well, I am not here to tell my whole history with MAGIX. I am working on my own on solo projects, not in media but in media software. I am studying and releasing software I create and I think I need some support for these projects.

I am currently figuring out a way to create my own Plug-Ins that are indeed compatible with the majority of the MAGIX Audio software, especially the MAGIX Music Maker, which I use very frequently. One of the plugins I am aiming to create is a Quarter-Tone MIDI object writer/reader. In my country, and even in some countries or regions, the quarter tones are frequently used in their traditional music. I am working hard on doing this plug-in in the future years, because I'm still at school and have no adequate time for that. I hope that I can be helpful with it.

Besides, I have an other project using A.I./M.L. (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) to create a plug-in that can read the music sheets from image files or PDF files, and convert them to MIDI data that can be used. And don't worry; it contains some fields (like time signature, speed, beats...) in case the program failed to identify them.


Enough talk! That was an overview about my projects for MAGIX, that I am seriously working on.


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