Customer Support????? Where does that actually reside?

Nicholas-Smilek3917 wrote on 6/26/2022, 8:43 AM

I have purchase ACID Pro 10 Suite about 6 months ago and I am seeking a refund.
I have been trying to get to customer support but it is just a circular wheel of online nonsense..
I am seeking a refund due to the lack of support and response from Magix team regarding their DAW issues not being able to run a VST3 for EZDrummer 3.
They have closed three technical support tickets over this issue without fixing anything, much less a response about what they are doing to remedy this problem.
All they want me to do is shell out more money to purchase their latest version that just came out.
Does EZDrummer 3 even run in ACID Pro 11???


FiatLux wrote on 6/26/2022, 9:42 AM

While it may look that way then I am not trying to defend Magix , and I have my own issue with another program so I really do understand any frustration that you may have.

That stated then I think that there are two problems here.

I looked up "Toontrack EZdrummer 3" and unlike some plug-ins I've seen then it does not list compatible DAWs it only says : SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. : A 64-bit host (with support for VST 3, AU or AAX). Standalone is included.

That however does not guarantee that "Toontrack EZdrummer 3" is without fault.

Also Even if ACID Pro 10 Suite is at fault then as far as I can see then EZdrummer 3 were not in sale before 3 May, 2022, so I don't see how you can expect Magix to have tested with that plug-in when making ACID Pro 10 Suite. Also I read in this forum that Magix only recently had the programmer resources to publish the most recent patch.

So , again , while I understand your frustration then I think that it's hard to place blame without knowing enough about the internals of the problem. And if the fault of Magix then you definitely expect some time to have the problem fixed - if they ever do that is !


But it says on the page : (there is a button for it) that there is a free trial , so maybe best thing for you would be to try the trial if you want to know how it fares with your plug-ins !

At the moment this link may work to download the trial ! :




Though I seriously doubt that it will have your interest then for the remainder of the day (26th June, 2022) then this offer is valid :

After that then valid until the 29th of June is the offer on bottom of this page (require you to log-in to see offer price !) :


Nicholas-Smilek3917 wrote on 6/26/2022, 12:34 PM

Also remember that they had cancelled three technical support tickets with out any responses. I would just get an email stating that my ticket is close.
And then want me to purchase an update after less than 6 month of use?

FiatLux wrote on 6/26/2022, 1:03 PM

With respect to the cancelling of support tickets that you claim then , with all due respect then I find it hard to believe that they have done so without either :

A) you wrote them a ticket on same subject before that they *did* respond to and meant addressed as far as they could


B) That your language or style in mentioned tickets were either rude or in another way out-of-line..


And if they told you to buy a new version then they must have responded to you at some point !

Further more : You ought never ever be really rude to those in support ! Remember they are people just like you and I ! And even if you are really unhappy and if they can not help you then you should also remember that these employees do not make the rules even if they do 'enforce' them so to 'speak' !

Finally , you can not seriously expect them to give you a refund after that you have used the software for 6 months ? One month ! , maybe two if they are kind ! But should not expect more than that. Besides of course that they actually do support their products as far as bug-fixing goes - which brings us back to my initial post in this thread ! But , while I find it had to say where the line of goes with respect to what kind of bugs that you can expect them to fix and the level of support that you can expect them to offer (as well as that it can be hard sometimes to say what is the real cause of the problem(Magix or third-party) Then personally I think that they should support 'old' products for a year after the new version comes out , especially since they continue to sell old version up to the release of new version !. But that is of-course my personal opinion and I neither work for Magix nor do I set the rules !)


FiatLux wrote on 6/26/2022, 1:44 PM

I have read your other thread on same issue ("Toontrack EZdrummer 3" plug-in support) , and I don't think that you are acting within forum rules when you keep opening new threads on same subject ! (just saying !)

But I read there that the "Toontrack EZdrummer 2" plug-in were mentioned in connection with a 'fix' for that. Personally I have no clue what are the conventions to follow when making plug-ins for VST3 but never the less I got the impression that maybe "Toontrack" were maybe slightly bordering dis-regarding standard conventions or at least disregarding what others may think as unwritten 'convention' and if they have done similar with respect to the "Toontrack EZdrummer 3" plug-in then you can not fault Magix for not wanting to go back and fix that !

Anyway , if problem is only with that one plug-in then maybe it is "Toontrack" that you ought to approach to have fixed the program support of their rather new plugin ? ("Toontrack EZdrummer 3")