De-Reverb Sound Forge Audio Cleaning Lab 4

Jay-Ofori-Anum wrote on 7/29/2023, 11:37 PM


Yesterday I purchased Sound Forge Cleaning Lab 4, because the pre-product purchase images shows Ozone Elements containing de-Reverb,

(1) I cannot find De-Reverb in the Interface? (It's Not under Cleaning)

(2) I cannot find any mention of de-reverb in the documentation Nor in the Application help, nor in the interface?

If there is no documentation - how will I know how to use it if I can find it?

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SP. wrote on 7/30/2023, 3:21 AM

@Jay-Ofori-Anum You mean the screenshots of the RX repair assistance? That's RX not Ozone.

Jay-Ofori-Anum wrote on 7/30/2023, 4:07 AM

Thank you for the heads-up...

(1) Is that Not in the Sound Forge Cleaning Lab 4 Bundle?
Being New to installing all this is painful...

This page has the features of the Lab - why would they put it on the Lab page and then not have it displayed in the Lab interface?

(2) Ok if its in the Ozone 10 VST Plugin - Then why can I not see the elements in the Ozone Elements Plugin , but I can see them as individual plugins?

It seems that the page is displaying random plugins - whilst great for explaining all there is on offer - it gives the impression it's a unfied interface i.e. in 1 Interface - Lab 4.

(3) So instead of puting the Repair Assistant Tab or Link to launch the Cleaning and Restoration - They have another interface called the Repair Assistant...

To be honest they should start the page with the Interafces that make up the lab and indicate that the Lab is NOT a product with an interface but a concept with seperate(s) Plugin Interface A, Plugin Interface B, Plugin Interface C etc
So that us newbies can understand what we are buying and make it easier for us to quickly and easily check that it's actually activated and installed - because God knows I have struggled trying to work out where everyhting is in Vegas Pro 20, Sound Forge 16, 17 etc...especially when products get uninstalled unexpectedly when updating and upgrading.

SP. wrote on 7/30/2023, 4:43 AM

@Jay-Ofori-Anum Have you ever used VST plugins? You need to scan the VST paths in the program settings. For VST3 plugins it's usually C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\ Only after doing that the plugins will be selectable.

Jay-Ofori-Anum wrote on 7/30/2023, 5:08 AM

I've done all that (and that was nightmare) - it turns out the plugin VST folders (Magix/iZotope Video / Audio) have changed for the latest versions (which wasn't so obvious).
On another note: I was looking for a solution that did NOT require I buy so many independent products and open so many different interfaces, but are more or less intuitively grouped together - it does not matter now - I've bought them all already - but going forward I'll trial more and buy less :-) Lesson learned :-)

SP. wrote on 7/30/2023, 5:29 AM

@Jay-Ofori-Anum This is how every audio software with VST plugin support works. First you buy the software, then the separate plugins you need.