Difference between included Loops in Acid Pro 8 vs Acid Pro Suite 10

Jason_ZA wrote on 8/1/2020, 4:01 AM

Good day. I purchased the Acid Pro Suite 10 Upgrade yesterday (from Acid Pro 8) and did not download the Acid Pro 8 loops when I originally purchased it. Are the loops offered all different, as I don't want to download the same files twice, especially considering how large these downloads are. I also wanted to see if there is a way to download the Acid Pro 8 loops without having to reinstall Acid Pro 8.


Trensharo wrote on 8/31/2020, 5:16 PM

Nope, they aren't all different. There is some overlap... or maybe a lot. There certainly was a lot of overlap between v8 and 9. I expect about half of the Loops to be duplicitous.

So, install v8 and its content first, and then install v10 and it will just reinstall/add whatever stuff is new.

Not sure this should matter, anyways. if you limit yourself to sound pools, your music is going to get typecast as people will be able to hear similar components to the gobs of Music Maker stuff on YouTube. It's best to construct your own Loops.

Produce some songs from scratch and then create your own personal construction kits that no one else has access to ;-)